In antique times the region of Kalkan was part of Lykia, one of the centers of the antique world (http://www.lycianturkey.com/index.htm). Just a few kilometers north of Kalkan, in Esen Valley, there are the capitals of the antique lycian world: Patara, Xanthos, Letoon, Tlos and some more – really interesting place and worth an excursion! There are other antique cities more in the east of Kalkan like Myra/Demre and Kekova. Santa Claus had been the bishop of Myra and was born in Patara!


Of course you can discover nature in and around Kalkan by trekking or cycling, but there are also wonderful possibilities to discover sea and mountains by organised tours or by car or scooter (both you can rent at cheap prices (10 per day)) in Kalkan town.

There are organised tours with bigger sail boats from Kalkan harbour along the coast line, they stop at beautiful beaches and bays you only can reach from the sea, they are called „blue cruise“. Ships go in a one day trip to Kekova, an antique city who lies after earthquakes under sea level („sunken city“).

Also the mountains are very interesting, one of the main attraction is the gorge of Saklikent (about 30km from Kalkan), one of the longest gorges of Europe, 16 km. Very nice are the mountain pastures of Bezirgan and Saribelen, just a few kilometers from Kalkan, over the top of the hills.