Villa Frida is situated in the district of Kalamar Bay in Kalkan at the lycian coast in the south of Turkey. Kalamar Bay is a very quiet bay, the centre of Kalkan is about 2 km away.




The easiest way to Kalkan is by plane, the next airport is Dalaman Airport. There you can rent a car or got with an organised transfer (tell the administrator Kemal Tashan), costs are about 65€. Dalaman to Kalkan is about 130km, 1,5 h. An alternative ist to to Antalya. Antalya to Kalkan is 260km, about 3,5 h.

Exact dates for navigation are here:,29.398098, GPS 36.264843°N 29.398098°E

An alternative is to go by bus, with airport shuttle from Dalaman to Fethiye (, from Fethiye to Kalkan with public bus (, in all about 15€
Bus from Antalya is about 4-5 h.

Of course you can go by car, but it´s a long way…..